Another Flare

We had another eventful weekend with Ms. Zoë. Thankfully, eventful in this case didn’t require an ER visit.

For the record, I’m going to start calling her fevers flares from now on. I truly, honestly believe we are dealing with an autoimmune issue.

She woke up with a slight fever Saturday morning. Nothing horrible…in fact, it barely registered as a fever based on what she normally gets to. However, by 1pm, she was on her way to high. She never made it above 104 though, so that was awesome. A dose of Motrin and lots of snuggles pretty much rounded out the day. Her eyes were pretty red-rimmed…in particular, the right eye. This is notable because some of the conditions I’ve been researching point out that pink-eye is a symptom. I never really thought about it, but her eyes have been red with every fever. Not to the point of pink-eye (and never with gunk), but you could tell she wasn’t feeling well by looking at her eyes.

Sunday morning, Dave has me check her because her leg looked red to him. I didn’t really see anything at that point, but to be fair, I didn’t give it the attention it really needed. And now I wish I had because she had a rash all over by Sunday evening. Now…she’s had a rash since all of this began in January, but when we saw the doctor, he said it was probably just eczema. And maybe it is. But the rash she had (has, still) is JUST like her eczema rash, only ridiculously horrible.

I actually took her to our family doctor on Monday to get it checked out and documented. They couldn’t do anything for her (I really didn’t expect them to) and just said it was likely a viral rash, but because of her on-going issues, they weren’t going to say that’s for-sure what it is.

Of course, that evening (because I couldn’t notice something like this WHILE WE WERE ALREADY AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE), I had to have Dave take a look at her eyes. Her right eye was now swollen. It makes me wonder if it wasn’t there before (the swelling was slight). That is a SIGNIFICANT signal that we’re looking at an autoimmune issue.

But we’re back to good. The rash is still there (hands, feet, arms, legs, cheeks, and stomach were all effected), but the fever only lasted 2 days. IF this goes as it has all year, we will probably see another flare in about 2 weeks. Time will only tell how it’s going to work out. I am working on attempting to actually talk to a human at our insurance company to see if they will cover a test that our doctor recommended. However, that’s proving to be extremely difficult. Hopefully, I’ll have an answer before we go back to the Infectious Diseases doctor at the end of this month.

I just want to know what’s going on. To have an action plan. IF I’m right and IF it’s an autoimmune disease, it’s going to be something we deal with, probably for life. I’d like to see if we can figure out her triggers or if there are any meds we can start her on to reduce her flares. I do like that we live in a time where I can also be researching. I printed out a huge chart that gives me a better understanding of what I need to be looking for, as far as symptoms go. I can only hope that it helps us get to an answer quicker.



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