When the poop hits the fan

I’m resurrecting my blog due to needing to keep people updated. Our youngest daughter (Zoë) is 18 months old. Since January, she’s had recurring high fevers. This past weekend put us up to 9. They hit quickly and they hit HARD. One minute, she’s fine and the next minute she’s almost 105.

In May, she had a febrile seizure. As far as we know, it was the first….but we don’t know for sure. She had another one this past weekend, quite possibly 2. Her seizures are absent, so it’s difficult sometimes to tell if she’s just tired or if she’s actually seizing. Saturday morning’s seizure was terrifying. When she started coming out of it, her entire left side was limp and unresponsive. We took her to the ER where they tentatively diagnosed her with Todd’s Paralysis and a febrile seizure. Thankfully, it was short lived (a few hours) and she was walking before we left the hospital. We also left with instructions to set up an appointment with the neurologist.

Monday morning, I called and set up our neurology appointment and called our family doctor to get her in. Until Monday, I never felt like I was being taken seriously when I brought her in. I was always told to give her meds, so her fevers were never high in office. Our appointment was at 230. At 1030, I dosed her with Motrin because she was over 102 and gave her a bath. Once I got her out of the bath and dressed, she was visibly shaking and her extremities were bluish. Took her temp and it had fallen all the way to 96..this child! Don’t worry, an hour later she was back to 102. And then we went to the doctor….they got us back right at the time of our appointment and took her temp. It had climbed to 104.3. FINALLY. I HATE that my baby was feeling so terribly, but they took me seriously! We discussed our options and then got sent to Cincinnati Children’s to have her blood drawn.

Her results have finally come back and because of them, we are now referred to an Infectious Disease Specialist. We see her a week from tomorrow. Unfortunately, the results really don’t tell us anything right now. It could be a virus, an infection, autoimmune, or even cancer. Or it could be nothing and is something she will outgrow in time. We really don’t know at this point.

Not going to lie and say I’m not freaking out. My gut does say that it’s not cancer, but I’m trying really hard to not think about the what ifs. And right now, I don’t really know where to even start to look for answers. We’re in a holding pattern until we talk to the neurologist and the specialist. I’m praying it’s nothing, but preparing for the worst.



3 responses

  1. Zoë & the family are in our prayers.
    Your the strongest momma I know & you got us! 😉
    We love y’all to pieces & will be with you through it ALL.
    God’s got this!

    • I don’t give Motrin until her fevers hit over 102 (and I usually don’t catch her fevers until they are in the 104 ranges…that’s how quickly they shoot up), so I really don’t think that’s the problem.

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