Oh, the places you’ll go…

It’s no secret…I love to travel.

Last year, we visited Utah (and hit 3 National Parks doing so), spent a week on the beach in North Carolina, and traveled to Europe (sans kids).

We like to travel.

I want the kids to see as much as they can and instill a love to various places in them.

This coming year? We have more traveling planned. A week in Colorado (primarily Denver/Colorado Springs area) for a wedding. A long weekend (sans kids! {hopefully}) at Snowbird in Salt Lake City. A cruise through the Caribbean with Disney. I’m hoping we can get a trip to Washington DC at some point as well. And it won’t happen, but I would love to go back to Germany.

That last trip may be a few more years off, but one can dream, right? (ah, Munich! I miss you!)

I firmly believe that life is meant to be lived, that schooling doesn’t happen just in a classroom.

I want to take the girls to Europe. I would love to visit every state in the USA. And in time, I’m sure we will make it happen.

I’m impatient though :-P.

Where do you love to travel? DO you love to travel? Anyone know of anyone needing someone to help spread the word regarding their resort, because that would be AMAZING. Hook a girl up!



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