What’s In Your Camera Bag?

I had an awesome birthday present this year…which considering I’m entering a new decade, makes COMPLETE sense to me.

Anyway….Dave bought me this:


Canon 5D Mark ii

Isn’t it pretty?! Oh! And he got me this (it was part of a kit):


Canon 24-105 f/4L

It has brought back my passion for photography again. I still get crappy photos, but the quality has dramatically increased. Prior to this, I had a 50D with a 28-135 lens. So not like going from a point and shoot to a professional grade camera, but still an upgrade.

I’ve been over-loading my Facebook feed with photos of the girls and am currently working on action shots. Dude…that’s HARD. I’m not talking running or playing…it’s the bubbles and jumping on a trampoline that is testing my abilities and I LOVE it.

So in light of my amazing gift, I’m going to give my loving and awesome husband ideas for the next few years. My wish list of camera gear. (And he’s laughing incredulously at me!)

The very first thing I’ll be buying is a new battery grip and a couple of batteries. I’ll probably get an off-brand, but I’d love to have the Canon version.


Canon Battery Grip

Next is a new flash. I’ve been working with lighting for just a little while (I’m primarily a natural light photographer) and I’ve seen what a good flash can do. This one would be awesome:


Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

I have a “cheap” flash that works with the new body, but it’s slow and eats batteries like it’s its job.

Next would be to upgrade my memory cards. I’ve used all kinds (the current 2 I have are SanDisk and Kingston), but I’ve heard great things about the Lexar professional cards.


Lexar Professional

My current cards can snap about 8 or 10 shots before they slow down considerably and I’d like to beef that up without having to decrease the quality of the photos. Now, if I could get Eye-fi to make a CF card, I’d want that. But alas, I’ve only seen the SDHD cards. (link me if I’m missing something!)

So once I have those…on to glass. This is the seriously not cheap part. I’ve seen the difference between L lenses and lower quality glass and I’m not going back. Sorry babe.

First up would be a good portrait lens. I know quite a few photographers go with an 85 or even a longer lens, but I don’t like to be that far away from my subjects. So this one would be perfect for me:


Canon 50mm f/1.2

HOWEVER, for over $1000 less, you can get this one (and I’ve heard fantastic things about it):


Canon 50mm f/1.4

There are some pretty significant difference, but this is one of the only lenses I would be okay with not owning the L version of. I don’t do so much portrait photography that I could get by without the best.

I would also take this one instead of the 50mm, but I don’t see it being a top purchase šŸ˜›


Canon 16-35 f/2.8L

If I could have my absolute most-wanted lens…it would be the following…


Canon 28-300 f/3.5-5.6L

This lens would be a fantastic walk-around/all-purpose lens, but it costs as much as my camera kit did. And I would love for the f-stop to be lower…I’m actually torn on this one or my last lens


Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8L

I love the lower f-stop, but I’d like to have a little more zoom for those times that I’m photographing sports or really want to get close to the kiddos.



What do you shoot with? I’ve worked with Nikon (I used to want a D2X when I worked in a studio), but I’m a Canon girl through-and-through. Even my point and shoot is a Canon Digital Elph (and it takes fantastic photos for being as tiny as it is!). And if you had unlimited money, what would you get? I know I could drop some SERIOUS money if I had unlimited funds, but I’ve posted stuff I might actually own some day. For what I do, it’s more than sufficient!


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