Kelley’s Cakes (The 1st Edition)

Have you started planning your child’s birthday, find the cake you want, and then realize that you would have to pay more than what you’re spending on the party JUST FOR A CAKE?!

Yeah, that stinks. So between my mom and myself, we’ve always done the girls’ cakes. I don’t have photos of them all, but here are a few.

264(2) 265

This was for Paige’s Rockin’ 2nd Birthday Party. A guitar cake pan, icing, Rolos, mini-Oreos, and chocolate cut-outs decorated it. It was cute, but the icing was bitter. I’ve since learned how to deal with that, thank goodness!


Kira Christening

My mom actually made this cake (where do you think I get my talents?), but I did the flowers. Mini-Oreo’s in the middle were a hit with all of the kiddos.


3-D panda panda cup cakes

These were for Kira’s 1st Birthday. She’s our little panda bear, so a panda theme. My cupcakes could totally go for mice, but they were cute. And once Kira got over her screaming fit (very typical of Kira), she loved her panda smash cake!


practice gabba cake

Paige's 4th Birthday Party 362 Paige's 4th Birthday Party 335

This was my first attempt with fondant. While not professional, it looked so much better and was actually EASIER to decorate than the ones I’ve done with just frosting! Top was a practice cake I made (and then passed off to our neighbor’s to eat) and the bottom are two photos of the actual cake.

Here’s a video via YouTube that shows how to make the fondant. I have started to put in a packet of gelatin and it seems to make it even smoother, but totally your call!

(a tip if you use fondant – steam it before you put icing on it! Makes the fondant shiny and pretty!)

1158 1157

This next cake is Kira’s. We call her our Care Bear, so I went with it when planning her party. This was the first time I worked with adding something in between the layers and it was fantastic! Top layer was a basic french vanilla with lemon frosting (it tasted like the lemon Girl Scout cookies, I swear!) and the bottom with chocolate cake filled with strawberries and whipped cream. Everyone said it was amazing and we didn’t have much left over.


pirate cake

I did this pirate cake for my friend’s two little boys. The sand was brown sugar! Once she put the pirate duckies and figurines on, it was super adorable!


004 049

This was probably the most time-consuming because of all of the cut-outs, but I made it for a sweet 16 party. The top was caramel with homemade caramel sauce. middle was french vanilla/lemon, bottom was chocolate with strawberries/whipped cream. I really like how I did the tie-dye ribbons around the base of each of the cakes. One of my favorites!


042 007

Tangled! This was for my niece and she loved it. 🙂 Instead of doing strawberries, I caramelized pineapple and filled the top layer with that and whipped cream. Again, amazing. One I’m going to remember to do later.


flower cup cakes

They needed 3 different types of cake/icing combos for my niece’s party, so I also did some flower cupcakes. Way easier to decorate than you realize!


So you can see…I’ve definitely progressed over time and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so. It’s fun and I love being able to be so creative!




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