Our Bodies Unit Study

I’ve decided that at this stage in the game, that unit studies are going to be our best bet. The first unit is going to be about our bodies. Paige already has a pretty decent grasp on body parts, so this will introduce new ideas (like the 5 senses) and solidify what she already knews. We’ll be able to make lap books (to take on the go!), add apps to her phone that correspond, and work at any pace that we need. With what I’d like to cover, I can see some units being a month long (though I highly doubt we’ll do many of those. I can see most being about 2 weeks long (10 school days).


Learn and be able to identify the 5 senses

Be able to identify and talk about the systems of the body (muscular, nervous, digestive, skeletal,circulatory, respiratory)

Name three parts of the brain and tell what the do in broad terms (Cerebral Cortex, Cerebellum, Brain Stem)

Name some of the major organs (skin, heart, lungs, liver, small intestines, large intestines, stomach)

In broad terms, discuss how: we breath, move, and digest food

Be able to add all single digit numbers 1 through 9 using manipulatives

Be able to write a short letter with help

Be able to answer simple questions about the books we read together

Begin to sound out words by herself

Books that go along with the unit:

From Head to Toe

The Magic School Bus Inside The Human Body

The Magic School Bus Explores The Senses

Baby da Vinci: My Body

Yo Gabba Gabba: Party In My Tummy

Once Upon A Potty

If You’re Happy And You Know It (for Paige to start reading!)

What Is A Belly Button? First Questions and Answers about the Human Body

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Human Body

Uncover The Human Body


Experiement with the senses (difference between hot/cold, soft/hard, light/dark/ etc.) in the sensory boxes

Make lemon soda to taste


Continue adding 1 through 9 with manipulatives

Using jumping jacks to count and add

Count fingers/toes/ears/etc., of ourselves and everyone in the family


Paper Plate Faces

Color body parts

Trace and color ourselves

Make a “Me” Doll

Hugging hands valentines


Make an “All About Me” Book

Write letters about ourselves


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