A New Beginning

I’ve left my old blog far too long, so it’s time to start anew.

Quick info on me and my family.

I’m married to a wonderful man (Dave) who is an Intellectual Property lawyer in downtown Cincinnati. Him working as hard as he does makes it possible for me to stay at home with our two girls, Paige (3) and Kira (1). I’ve struggled with post partum depression since Kira’s birth, but have begun to see the light. We’re hoping and praying that a 3rd child will be on the way by the end of this year, which should complete our family. We have two dogs (Chip and PJ), who are incredibly annoying, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Paige is incredibly bright for her age, so I’ve started homeschooling her. Since we started, I’ve found out that preschool level work is too easy! In January of this year, she started working on Kindergarten cirruculum. I’m more than a little nervous about putting my child’s schooling in my own hands, but I honestly dislike the idea of public school.

So why homeschool?

  • Public schools are over-crowded. Anything more than 10-1 is less than ideal in my eyes at the younger ages. How can children grow individually if they are constantly forced into a group?
  • I don’t feel that Paige should be punished for being too smart or even falling behind. Trying to put every child in into one mold just doesn’t work.
  • I personally feel that life is more than sitting in a school room for 8 hours a day. Life is about experiences, about seeing things first hand, about LIVING.
  • Children should be able to work at their own pace and with a cirriculum that works for them.
  • Children need to socialize with all different ages, not just children within a year of their own birth.
  • Family units are disentigrating and homeschooling will (theoretically) strengthen ours.
  • Obesity is a horrible problem and sitting at a desk for 6 hours a day doesn’t help (and our family needs all the help it can get in that area!). Schooling at the elementary age shouldn’t take nearly as long as it does in the public schools.
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

I’ll be posting the unit studies that we’re working on and different ideas to have. I’m hoping that this will help me keep track of what we do, so I can keep the state of Ohio off of my back.

Until later.



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